Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Most schools down allow kids to play dodgeball. The reason is because its violent and people could get injured. You see I am all for dodgeball. The only reason why people are getting hurt is because the ball is hard. All you have to do is use a nerf ball and everything will be ok. Dodgeball makes people more aware of the surroundings and have to use your motor skill to either dodge, duck, throw and catch the ball. If the schools wont allow kids to play during phys. ed, I can always set up a club for a after school program and have the kids sign waivers saying that I understand the risks involved and ect. If dodgeball is so dangerous why did the make it into a sport? Football is a sport and more people get injured playing that, and they are wearing pads. Every year a sport gets modified for the players saftey. I am sure that i can modify dodgeball to make it safe also.