Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lab 2

One of the students I observed was a 6-year-old 1st grader name Casey. When Casey had to do the running both of her feet did leave the ground, but she didn’t bend her elbows. She also didn’t bend her leg 90 degrees. When she did galloping Casey did really well. She stepped forward with the lead foot and followed by a step with the trailing foot to a position adjacent to or behind the lead foot. Both of her feet did leave the ground and her arms did bend and lifted to waist level. When it came time for her to hop he did everything right except for he didn’t swing his nonsupport leg to produce force for lift off.

The second student I observe was a 1st grade 6-year-old boy name Michael. Now Mike was perfect throughout each category Everything we had to observe he did perfectly. I would think the hopping would give him trouble because most kids don’t use enough force take off.

My group decided to play tag using the running, galloping, and hopping. Karlyn had to shout out who had to chase who. Either the giraffes had to chase the elephants or the elephants had to chase the giraffes. The kids loved to and I quote “Run Really REALLY fast”. What we also did was that we let them choose which movement we had to do to get the other person out. Some said sliding some said crawling and some said skipping. The kids had a blast.

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