Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Task A

The older the kid is the more there motor development skills are. When i observed them they seem to be doing ok but not great. When trying to teach them the correct skills they go back to the old ways. Even though the age differences are really close there are differences between each grade. It was pretty hard watching the motor movements with these kids. When talking to my group we both came up with different answered and we had to talk about it until we all agreed. The best time to actually check on somebody was at the end of the day where we can work with the kids idividually. Like for example I was playing tag with Michael. Everytime we got taged we had to either hop, gallop and ect. until one of us gets tagged again. Everytime we get taged we change the concept on how we get tagged next. Playing games at the end of the day is alot of fun because each kid played there favorite game. This shows me what kids there age likes to play. Maybe it will help me for the future.

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