Tuesday, April 28, 2009

lab 6

One thing that I have learned about St. Mary’s is that its really hard to control children those ages. What I mean is that some kids do not want to play at all. I have to find a way for everybody to play. Some of the activities that I thought were appropriate were the obstacle course. Kids would be doing a lot of movements and it seems to be there favorite thing to do. Also they love playing tag. If we change the way they move around the better the game will be.

Working with PRE K was a lot of fun. I find that working with them is easier then the older kids. Reason being is that when I did work with them they cooperated and they participated in the games we had in store for them. If I could work with PRE K again I would

I think working on fine motor activities is something something we should work on in Physical Education. When I worked with kids downstairs in the cafeteria we played a little tag game where they had to do some sort of movement. The kids loved playing it. Plus it also developed new motor movements for them, which made it entertaining for them

What I have learned from this experience is that who have to be more discipline around younger children or that they will do anything they want. I am getting use to being around children a lot more and feeling more comfortable in teaching them more skills. I just have to put myself in there shoes and take a small step at a time. I am definitely becoming more of a teacher everytime I was around them.

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