Tuesday, April 28, 2009

lab 3

For Mike (whose a 1st grade 6 year old boy) and Casey( whose a 1st grade 5 year old girl), we had to observe how they leaped, horizontal jump, and slide. For Mike and Casey, they did really well with the leaping. they took off with on one foot and landed on the other foot and at one period they had both feet off the floor. Mike had there forward reach with arm opposite the lead foot, while Casey didn’t have that happen for her. For the Jumping both Casey and Mike had problems. Casey and Mike couldn’t extend there arms forcefully forward and up. They both could flex both arms and knees. While Mike couldn’t bring his arms down once he landed, Casey did.

The strategey I used is to sit down the kids while they are playing downstairs in the cafeteria and play with them. I always let them win and while we are playing we talk about the things each person likes. It seems to be working each time I go downstairs. Last time the kids wanted me to play with them.

One of the things I have noticed is that the kids like to beat the college kids. Everytime I let them win I would get little bit better. They like to have a challenge. Which isn’t that surprising because I was the same way when I was there age and I still am that way.

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